Saturday, May 21, 2016


Sundays are always the day to remember as I think back to quality family time. I can recall being a little too loud as my siblings and I made caves in the living room. We would bring our pillows and blankets out so that we could cover as much area as possible. We would go underneath and tell stories and talk about pretty much anything and laugh about anything. But, even laugh after laugh, we became impatieent as we waited for my parents to wake up so that we could play with them. Having all the family together was extremely fun, but having to wait was not. Patience was a virtue that we were slowly developing, and that has particularly helped me realize that waiting until it is the best time do act or allow things to happen. 

As I grew older and faced situations that were not under my control, having this skill was a way for me to find a little peace. I knew that things would follow their course and if I was faithful, they would come out in my favor. At times, wasn't about how long it takes for something to happen, but more about taking the time to complete it. Although we may not have control over the situatins we can have contro on how we endure them. 

I found the following video that I believe shows how having patience can bring blessings. 

Although we might find ourvelves in situations that can be tempting to stop our wait and give up, in the long run it can brings feelings of doubt and insecurity as one can get caught on the idea of what would have happened if I would have waited a little longer. Developing the willpower and mainting a vision of what can be can help us have more control and really continue in patience as advised by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  I also agree with him that if we find ourselves in a situation where we might be losing hope, that we can seek a higher power-even Jesus Christ. He can help us if we have faith. 

As for Sunday quality time in my home, I have come to learn to be even more patient on when we get to spend time together. Because of different reasons, everyone isn't always at my parents home, but I know that as we all wait for the times that we are we have the best of times. 

If you would like to read more from the talk the video was created from, you can follow the link here

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