Friday, April 29, 2016

New Ideas

As every day is a new beginning, there are many new things that we can try. For the more adventurous this might be easier, but for those of us who are more reserved it is a lot more difficult. Why do I say this? Well, this is my first blog, and coming up with ideas for it has been more difficult than what I thought. Yes, I've done multiple searches online to first discover how to start a blog, then how to come up with a good name and even looked at "the competition," as advised in several sites, so here I am trying something new. My point is, sometimes we don't try new things because we are scared to fail, want instant perfection, or are simply stuck in our ways; but, we end up limiting ourselves in achieving a much higher potential.

I have had my share of trying many new things and while some have not gone so well, I've learned from them . As a fourth grader, without warning, one day my language teacher simply said that we were to have a bilingual spelling bee and the top students would move to a school level competition. Since I had been raised for part of my life early life in another country, I had no idea of what a spelling bee was-much less a bilingual one! But, after some explanation, I decided to see how it would go. It was not easy, and I did not end up as one of the top three people in the class, but because each class had to send a few more representatives, I made the cut. Although it was terrifying to move on to higher ground, I invested time in studying and that proved to be beneficial, as I did win first place at the elementary school level. Now, the next round at district was a different story where I was disqualified early on, but I discovered some new things about myself. Particularly, I discovered that I love to translate. As I grew older I did more research on the subject, and have had the opportunity to translate for individuals, for small groups, and even at large conferences. I have come to see people's eyes light up as they have learned new concepts because of such service. My life has also been blesses significantly. 

I hope that I can continue to help others in this and other ways. I do not know how this blog will turn out in the future, but I hope that as I share my personal experiences and thoughts, along with those of other inspirational people in my life, that your life, can be inspired and keep moving in a positive direction.

Do you have any thoughts on trying new things? Share by commenting below.